Fluidity and Color: Ivy Wu’s Permeation at Gallery 100

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Are you looking for a unique and inspiring art experience in Atlanta? Then you should visit Gallery 100, a downtown gallery that showcases diverse and innovative artists, and see the solo exhibition of Ivy Wu, a contemporary painter and professor at Kennesaw State University. Her work explores the concept of permeability and fluidity, inspired by Taoism and the idea of Chi. She uses vivid colors and expressive brushstrokes to create abstract compositions that hover on the edge of figuration. She also paints herself as a silhouette figure in some of her paintings, as a way of living in her work and responding to the world. The exhibition is running from December 7, 2023 to February 8, 2024. You can find more information here. Don’t miss this chance to see The Art of Permeation by Ivy Wu at Gallery 100.

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