Friends, Food, Flowers and Trolls?

I had the pleasure of hanging out with good friends at the Atlanta Botanical Garden this weekend. What a perfect way to spend the day! We spent the morning walking the gardens, looking for Thomas Dambo’s Trolls. This artist has created larger than life, sweet and funny trolls out of old pallets. They’re sure to amaze and entertain you. Of course, along the way you will be overwhelmed the variety of flowers and trees. There are plenty of nooks for a rest stop and a great children’s area to wear out your young ones.

Lunch at the Longleaf Restaurant was delicious. It is a friendly, comfortable place to spend time and share laughter. If you want to keep moving, there’s a snack bar for quick drinks and munchies.

We finished our day in the orchid center. Breathtaking is the only way to describe it. If you’re looking for a perfect friends and family outing I would recommend spending some time at the Gardens. Want a little more? Join them for their Summer Party on July 22nd! For more information click here.

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