Pinball Anyone?

On Wednesday, July 26, 2023, the Atlanta chapter of Belles and Chimes, an international network of women’s pinball leagues, is hosting a pinball tournament at My Parents Basement, a comic book-themed bar and restaurant in Avondale Estates. The tournament is open to all women of any skill level and features a $5 entry fee, drink specials, and snacks. The participants will play on a variety of pinball machines, ranging from classic to modern titles, and compete for prizes and points. The event is part of the weekly series of Belles and Chimes tournaments that take place at different venues in the Atlanta area. The aim of the series is to provide a fun, social, and supportive environment for women to play pinball together and to grow the pinball community. For more information on Belles and Chimes and their upcoming events, click here or join their Facebook group.

For other Metro Atlanta Pinball Tournament information click here.

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