Saturday Only! Dad Joke Faceoff!

Laugh neon signage

If you are looking for a night of laughter and wit, you won’t want to miss the Head 2 Head Dad Joke Slam at the ArtsXchange on Saturday, June 17th at 8pm. This event is a showdown between two teams of performers who will try to crack you up with their corny, cheesy, and punny jokes. You will get to see Team Comedy Improv and Team Poet battle it out with their best dad jokes. Vote for your favorite team.

The event is presented by ArtsXchange and She Pirate Productions, two organizations that promote creativity and diversity in the arts. The ArtsXchange is a nonprofit, multicultural, multidisciplinary, multi-ethnic, inter-generational arts organization located in East Point, Georgia. It offers a variety of programs and events for artists and audiences of all backgrounds and interests. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy some hilarious humor and support the local arts scene. Click here to get your tickets today!

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