Last Minute – Needed for Tomorrow!

**The Originals Now Casting for Tomorrow 9/12**

1. Subject Line: Conyers local
People who live near Conyers, GA and may be able to come in at a moments notice.
-Repeats and Fresh Faces welcome.
-We may not contact you until tomorrow.
Workdate: 9/12
Location: Conyers, GA
Rate: $64/8

2. Subject Line: Piano Bar
Fresh Faces or those who have worked in the French piano bar scenes. 
Workdate: 9/12 
Location: Conyers, GA
Rate: $64/8

3. Subject Line: 1930s Cabaret
Slender or Athletic Caucasians.
Fitting: Tuesday 9/12 in Conyers, Ga
Filming Date: Wednesday 9/13 in Atlanta, GA
Rate: $64/8

4. Subject Line: 1930s Townsperson
Slender or Athletic Caucasians.
-Will be running in this scene.
Fitting: 9/12 in Conyers, GA
Filming Date: Wednesday 9/13
Rate: $64/8

(If submitting for multiple roles please only send one email with multiple subject lines.)

Age (MUST be over 18)
Height / Weight
All Clothing Sizes
Current City (Distance to Conyers)
Photos (Face & Full Length)
Car (Color, Make, Model, Year)
Optional: Stand in experience/ resume
Send emails to

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