Male Ground Techs Needed for First Man

operazione chirurgica allungamento pene NASA GROUND TECHS

Seeking Men / All Ethncities
Age 20 and over
Men must have shorter hair or be willing to cut it. 
Men must be clean Shaven
No Visible tattoos or piercings.

Date: aumentare il volume del pene Dec 4th 
Fitting Date: come faccio a far crescere il pene TBD Starting 11/15 
Rate: come ingrandire il pene...esercizi 120/12 + 30 Gas Bump 
Fitting Rate: come si sviluppa il pene $30 
$10 Haircut Bump 
Shoot Location: Juliette, GA (please look up before submitting)
Fitting Location: East Point, ATL
Subject: GROUND PAD 
Approx Call Time will be 6am



Please include 3 pictures (head, body and profile) age, height, weight and all contact info
Please use correct role in the subject line
Always great to send picture of your car and list your cars yr, color, make and model in all submissions.
Please make sure all your pictures are updated