Next Week’s Casting for ATLANTA

People with Gold Teeth
Shine up your grillz, it’s your time to shine, literally. Seeking males , 18+ to portray hip rappers at a club. Please include pictures in your best rapper look and show off those gold teeth.
Works October 30 – Rate: $64/8 + $25 Gold Bump
Subject: GRILLZ

White Rural or Redneck Types
Camo, Tractors, Hunting, Nascar, Grits (heck ya!). Does that describe your interests? Seeking caucasian male & female redneck types of all ages.
Works October 30 – Rate: $64/8
Subject: Camo

Caucasians w/ Trucks
Seeking Caucasian males and females with a truck. Please submit a picture of the truck along with the year, make, model & color. Don’t forget pictures of yourself as well!
Works: October 30 – Rate: $64/8 + $25 Bump
Subject: Me and My Truck

Detectives and Cops
Seeking professional looking male & females that look like you belong in law enforcement. Strap on your belt & grab your badge. Open ethnicity.
Works October 30 – Rate: $64/8
Subject: Freeze Sucka

Medical Crew and Coroners
Time to pull out those scrubs. Seeking males and females to portray medical crew and coroners. Please list any medical experience you have or if you have experience as a coroner.
Works October 30 – Rate: $64/8
Subject: Scrubs


To submit, please email us 3 clear, well-lit, recent photos of yourself along with your
name, age, height, weight and current phone number to: 
Don’t forget to list experience, if applicable.
Be sure to use the correct subject line(s) when submitting.

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