Still Needed for YOUR PRETTY FACE

donna cerca uomo Toscana ASIAN DEMONS AND TORTURED SOULS!! $137/8

YOUR PRETTY FACE is seeking AsianĀ  donna cerca uomo Manfredonia MALES and FEMALES to work as DEMONS or TORTURED SOULS on Tuesday and/or Wednesday, coppia cerca donna Ferrara January 16th/17th. Seeking character faces (ie, missing teeth, crooked nose, unique features, etc), super tall, super short, overweight, skinny, etc. Showcase what makes your standout amongst a crowd.

Everyone who works on this show will be Tafted/Station 12, so please be ready to provide information for Union paperwork.

Date(s): Tuesday and/or Wednesday, January 16/17
Rate: $137/8
Location: donna cerca uomo Rimini ATLANTA, GA

To submit, please email 3 pictures, your name, age, height, weight, ALL OF YOUR SIZES and cell phone number to uomo cerca donna Agrigento

Subject: DEMONIC (If Union, please list UNION in your subject line)