The Originals now seeking Scruffy, Beardy, or Long Haired Guys

**The Originals now seeking Scruffy, Beardy, or Long Haired Guys**

**Fresh Faces or Wolves from previous seasons**
(Sorry No Werewolves from the season, we still love you!)
Work Date: Tomorrow. Thursday, November 30th
Location: Conyers, GA
Call Time: 6pm (not an overnight)
Rate: $64/8
Ages: 18 and up.
Subject: Werewolf

Age (Must be 18 or over.)
Height / Weight
All Clothing Sizes
Current City (Distance to Conyers)
Photos (Face & Full Length)
Optional: Stand in experience/ resume
Send emails to

P.S. If you have recently applied to the Mardi Gras scene, hang tight we are still going through submissions and if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to send in your best Mardi Gras costume contest photos!

***Costume Contest***
Subject Line: Parade
-The director and producers will be choosing their favorite Mardi Gras costumes and makeup to march/dance in the parade. To submit for this please send us the submission info above, but INCLUDE photos of your best Mardi Gras character looks. This is open for everyone who is already booked for the scene and new people applying.

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