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Happy Halloween!

Here’s a recap of some of the best haunts in Georgia!

  1. Ghost Tours feature “Lawrenceville’s most interesting places and the stories behind its most bizarre events, hauntingly told with the charm and personality of a real Southern storyteller.” This 90-minute walking tour goes one mile and departs from Aurora Theatre.
  2. Fear the Woods includes a haunted house, a haunted trail, and haunted combat. . Stockbridge.
  3. Explore the halls of a nightmarish hospital at Nightmare’s Gate in Douglasville 
  4. Camp Blood has a trail plus Nightmare Inn on the same ticket. Zombie Paintball Shoot is separate. Carrolton.
  5. Gates of Misery has two attractions filled with torture, torment, zombies, and cannibals. Rome.
  6. 13 Stories Haunted House [sound] has six terrifying attractions and “detail that Hollywood would be proud of” viewed in groups of 6 to 8 people. Newnan
  7. Netherworld thrills and terrifies with stunt actors in intense makeup, movie-quality special effects, and detailed sets at a large house in Norcross.

Casting Country Girl

Casting Caucasian female, ages 18-30 to portray a small town country girl in a scene for Monday!

Please include the make, model, year and color of your vehicle. (Vehicle cannot be red, white, or black – but can be any make model year).

Works: Monday, October 30
Rate: 64/8 + $25 car bump

Send three photos of yourself, one photo of the car, along with your name, age, height, weight, and phone number to:
Subject: Country Girl

New Casting For VALOR


Seeking Hip, Trendy, SEXY MALES and FEMALES of all ethnicities, ages 18 to 35, to portray trend setter and entrepreneur types in a swanky bar. You should have fashion forward, upscale, trendy, unique wardrobe attire, suits, jackets, cocktail dresses, etc. Please submit pics of you in your amazing wardrobe!! We will have an early morning call time on Monday (5AM is likely), so please do not submit if you do not have flexible hours or can’t arrange childcare, petcare, etc.

You must be available for a wardrobe fitting one day next week, Monday, October 23 through Friday, October 27.

Date: Monday, October 30th

Rate: $64/8 + $16 Fitting Bump




Seeking SUPER SEXY MALES and FEMALES of all ethnicities, ages 18 to 30, to portray waitstaff and bartenders in a swanky bar. You should have a fashion forward, upscale, trendy, model-esque appearance. Please include any waitstaff experience in your submission. We will have an early morning call time on Monday (5AM is likely), so please do not submit if you do not have flexible hours or can’t arrange childcare, petcare, etc.

You must be available for a wardrobe fitting one day next week, Monday, October 23 through Friday, October 27.

Date: Monday, October 30th

Rate: $64/8 + $16 Fitting Bump


To submit, please email us 3 clear, well-lit, recent photos of yourself along with your name, age, height, weight and current phone number to:

Don’t forget to list experience, if applicable.

Be sure to use the correct subject line(s) when submitting.

10 True Haunts In Georgia!

  1. Andersonville Civil War Prison Andersonville  Anytime you look for haunted spots in the state, the Andersonville Historic Site is one of the first names that pops up. The prison there — formerly Camp Sumter — was a prison for Union soldiers during the Civil War. The conditions were horrific. Visitors to the historic site claim to hear echoes of gunfire, loud cries, whispers in their ears and yelling. There are other reports of seeing ghostly figures walking around when the day is coming to a close. The Andersonville grounds are open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., as is the cemetery. While not as noted for spooky activity as the prison, the cemetery has its fair share of cold spots and feelings of despair for visitors as well.
  2. Tilley Bend Cemetery  Blue Ridge A classic story about two feuding families is said to be the source of the haunting at this old church in the mountains. According to legend, Elizabeth Bradley was a witch with two daughters. One married a Tilley, the other a Stanley — two families that didn’t get alongwhich lead to the death of her daughters. Legend says that Elizabeth Bradley was so angry that she placed a curse on the church, that no babies would be born to its members. According to the Cherokee County Paranormal Society, that is why there are so many infant graves in the cemetery. In 1906, Bradley was hanged for being a witch. People have reported seeing a woman in a long dress walking around the cemetery and church, hearing moaning and feeling cold spots. It’s a lovely drive into the Blue Ridge Mountains, and while the church has no specific address, if you pop the name on Google Maps it will pull directions up for you without issue.
  3. Allatoona Pass   Whether the ghost that’s allegedly haunted the railroads around Allatoona Pass is a fallen soldier from the war at Allatoona Pass or a brakeman from one of the trains that ran after the Civil War is unknown. However, as far back as the late-1800s men who worked on the trains said they saw a ghostly figure riding atop their trains as they passed the area. Some have reported seeing a ghost walking around the battlefield. They have also reported hearing train whistles and shots, as well as screams, as they hike through the area. Allatoona Pass is open to the public and well-maintained. Trains have long been re-routed from the Lake Allatoona tracks, and you can walk along them.
  4. Concord Covered Bridge/Concord Cemetery Smyrna  You can visit the Concord Covered Bridge and then follow it along to Concord Cemetery (about three miles away) on the Silver Comet Trail. According to the lore, if you park your car at night, turn it off and leave some chocolate on it, you’ll hear drowned girls climbing on the car and laughing. When you turn the car back on, the candy will be gone and there will be handprints on your car. However, it’s a highly traveled road, so it’s not a good idea to turn your car off. You can go to the cemetery, where some say you’ll feel the temperature drop by several degrees if you put your arm out the window. As for the cemetery, legend says there’s a witch buried there – whether or not that’s true, there have been sightings of dark figures, movements in peripheral vision and voices whispering if you listen hard enough.
  5. Altamaha Swamp/Rock Oven   Jesup Though no exact address exists for this location, it is a few miles from the Edwin Hatch Power Plant and is easily accessible through hiking or kayaking. Jesup was home to Creek Indians who ceded the land to Georgia in the early 1800s. As the story goes, the Creek used the caves around the swamp, specifically Rock Oven, to perform their sacred (and secret) rituals. According to “Haunted Places: The National Directory, Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, UFO Landings and other Supernatural Locations,” the spirits of the Creek can be heard performing these rituals near that cave. Some report seeing strange green lights move through the swamp. Many people have also reported seeing the ghosts of American Indians dancing at the entrances to the caves.
  6. Windsor Hotel  There are plenty of reasons for ghost hunters to head down south to Americus. Located about 140 miles from Atlanta, not only is it adjacent to Andersonville, a town whose soil is rich with the blood of the Civil War dead, but it’s also home to the historic Windsor Hotel. The foreboding structure with its Romanesque tower and Flemish stepped roof was built in 1892 and inhabits close to an entire city block.  Speaking of inhabitants, the Windsor apparently has several that never managed to check out. An in-residence housekeeper and her daughter died after being pushed down the hotel’s elevator shaft. Guests on the third floor reported the chilling sounds of a child’s laughter and the eerie cries of a woman. And according to employees, the ghost of Floyd Lowery, the hotel’s former doorman and elevator man for more than 40 years, can be spotted on a regular basis. Belly up to Floyd’s Pub and they’ll tell you all about it.

  7. Hay House  Just south of Atlanta in Macon you’ll find the Johnston-Felton-Hay House, one of Georgia’s most historic homes. Dating back to the mid 1800s, the Italian Renaissance Revival-style structure was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1974. Several families, including the Johnstons, Feltons and Hays, called the house home before it was converted to a museum. The furnishings currently on display are mostly remnants from the Hay family’s time spent there. Apparently fine antiques and art were not the only thing left behind. Museum employees as well as visitors have reported seeing the ghost an elderly woman dressed in 1860 garb roaming the home’s vast hallways. Others have heard footsteps on the stairs, seen doors suddenly slam, and felt unexplained dropping temperatures. Even worse, they’ve heard wailing noises coming from the master bedroom and felt taps on their shoulders. This is one you can visit and find out for yourself.

  8. Oakland Cemetery   Maynard Jackson, Margaret Mitchell, and Bobby Jones are among the most famous buried in Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery, the oldest and largest burial ground in the city. Built in 1850, the cemetery has a large section that houses the Confederate dead, 3,000 of which are known soldiers. People say they’ve seen soldiers in full uniform roaming the grounds and hanging from trees, and some claim they’ve heard Confederate soldiers doing a roll call, with a few folks saying their name was added as well. If you dare explore, don’t expect things to feel very Civil.

  9.   Old Candler Hospital   It’s not surprising that the very first hospital built in Savannah, Georgia back in 1804 is said to have housed more ghosts than a movie starring Tony Shalhoub and Shannon Elizabeth. The giant Candler Oak is said to be one of the most haunted places on the property. Known as the “hanging tree” for horrific reasons of racism, it’s said that ghosts have been seen hanging from its branches. But the most haunted aspect of the ancient hospital is said to be inside: There’s a morgue tunnel that runs from Candler Hospital to Forsyth Park that was once used to transport dead bodies diseased with yellow fever. There was also a psych ward where rudimentary shock therapy went down. Appropriately, you’d be crazy as hell to go there today.


Fairs and Festivals This Weekend

  1. Haunted Halloween   (October 20th 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.)  Halloween at the history center features a haunted mansion, spooky trails, games, a carnival, food vendors, and a cash bar at the Atlanta History Center.
  2. Stone Mountain Highland Games  (October 20 – 22) a.t Stone Mountain Park.  Hear Scottish pipes and drums, eat Scottish food, watch athletic games, browse artisan booths, and see tartan-clad dancers.  Don’t forget to check out the  Pumpkin Festival while you’re there.
  3.  Little 5 Points Halloween Festival and Parade. (October 21)  Enjoy food and drink, live entertainment, pumpkin carving, street vendors, and a 4 p.m. costume parade. Free.
  4. Decatur Craft Beer Festival  (October 21) features 100 craft beers, live music, and food for sale in downtown Decatur for age 21+.
  5. Brookhaven Arts Festival  (October 21 – 22)  includes more than 100 juried artists, live music, a kids’ corner, and food vendors. Free.
  6. Johns Creek Arts Festival   (October 21 – 22)   Visit 130 artists’ booths across from Atlanta Athletic Club. Free.
  7. Maker Faire (October 22) at Georgia Freight Depot. See exhibits about science, creativity, innovation, and art, and meet the people of all ages who made them. Free.

Casting for Tomorrow!

Boy Erased seeking...

Experienced waitstaff
Male or female
Rate: 64/8
Date: 10/16
Location: Conyers

Seeking Attractive Women
Caucasian Female / Age 20-35
Rate: 64/8
Date: 10/16 and 10/17
Location: 16th Conyers – 17th Decatur

Seeking Wife
Caucasian Female / Age 50-60
Rate: 64/8
Date: 10/16
Location: Conyers

If you fit one of the above descriptions and are available then please email Include 3 pics (head, body and profile) age, ht, wt and all contact info.
Please put correct role subject line

Neighborhood Peeps Needed Tomorrow on ATLANTA!

Casting African Americans to portray neighborhood peeps tomorrow on hit TV Show – Atlanta!

Must have a car in case we need to use it

Rate: 64/8 ( bump if we use your car)
Crew call is 10am, but BG Time is 2:30pm

To submit, please email 3 pictures, your age, your number, height and weight to:
Subject: Black Neighbor 10/16
**please list car info just in case!