Color Me Happy: Fran Scher’s Abstract Art at City Hall

Close-up of Mixed Paint and Spatulas on a Palette

If you’re looking for some eye candy and inspiration, head over to Sandy Springs City Hall and check out the amazing paintings by local artist Fran Scher. Her abstract art is full of vibrant colors and shapes that will make you feel happy and curious.

Fran Scher is a Sandy Springs resident who loves to express herself through painting. She says her art is like music: it doesn’t have a fixed meaning, but it can evoke different emotions and thoughts in each viewer.

You can see her beautiful paintings at City Hall until the beginning of August. The exhibit is open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 12 to 6. You can also visit her website at to learn more about her and her work.

Don’t miss this chance to enjoy some awesome art and support a local talent. Sandy Springs City Hall is not only a place for business, but also a place for culture and fun!

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