First Man Seeking Upscale Men and Women 


estensori per pene WHITE HOUSE STATE DINNER
come ingrandire un pene Seeking Upscale Men and Women 
People with real politician experience encouraged to apply
Seeking a huge Range of Ethnicities

Men must have shorter hair or be willing to cut it.

Men must be clean Shaven

Women must have natural colored hair

Especially looking for women with bob haircuts or willing to let us cut their hair into a bob.

It is not required for women to get haircut.

Women cannot have any obvious face/body augmentations

No Visible tattoos or piercings.

Age 18 and over

Date: quanto e lungo il pene Dec 6th 
Rate: ho il pene grande 64/8 
Location: pompare il pene Midtown 
Fitting: TBD

Seeking Bartenders, Servers, Piano Player , Military, Russians White house Staffers, Politicians




Please include 3 pictures (head, body and profile) age, height, weight and all contact info
Please use correct role in the subject line
Always great to send picture of your car and list your cars yr, color, make and model in all submissions.
Please make sure all your pictures are updated