The Exhibition That Will Make You Rethink Religion and Art – But You Only Have a Few Days Left to See It

Cross Standing on the Ground

If you are looking for a unique and inspiring cultural experience, you should hurry to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to see the exhibition of Bruce Onobrakpeya, one of the most influential Nigerian artists of the 20th century. The exhibition, titled The Mask and the Cross, showcases more than 40 works by Onobrakpeya, who blends traditional and Christian motifs in his sculptures, prints, and paintings. You will be amazed by his series of Fourteen Stations of the Cross prints, which reimagine the last day of Jesus Christ in a Nigerian setting. The exhibition also explores the theme of religious hybridity and multiplicity in Onobrakpeya’s art, which reflects his experience of living in a postcolonial society. The exhibition is on view until July 30, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to see the work of a master artist who has shaped contemporary African art. For more information and tickets click here.

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