“Explore the Power of Puppetry: Join Scottie Rowell for a Digital Learning Workshop!”

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This digital learning workshop is a perfect opportunity to embrace the power of puppetry! Join Storyteller and Puppeteer Scottie Rowell in raiding the recycling bin to create fun toy theaters perfect for any classroom, story circle, or puppet slam setting. This three part workshop includes developing your story, building your toy theater, and making additional props and puppets to tell your story.

Scottie Rowell is an Atlanta-based artist with expertise in storytelling, puppetry, and mixed media art. As the owner of Teller Productions, Scottie makes productions and art installations for families using sustainable materials. Scottie served as Puppet Director for the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts world premiere of Mo Willem’s Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! The Musical! and its two national tours.

In this two hour session, participants will have the chance to learn about building their own toy theaters, creating props and puppets, and developing their own stories. With Scottie’s expertise, this workshop is sure to be an enriching experience for anyone 16 years of age and older.

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