Fat Ham the Alliance Theatre’s groundbreaking production!

Crop anonymous African American homosexual male in casual clothes wearing LGBT flag on arm while sitting on street and clasping hands

Fat Ham will be coming to the Hertz Stage at the Alliance Theatre on April 3rd.  This modern adaptation of ‘Hamlet’ explores themes of race, power, and identity, making it a must-see for any theater lover.

The production, written by Stevie Walker-Webb and directed by James Ijames, features a talented and diverse cast, bringing a fresh and unique perspective to the classic play. Set in a contemporary African American community, ‘Fat Ham’ delves into the complexities of family, loyalty, and revenge.

Audiences can expect a powerful and thought-provoking performance, as well as stunning visuals and innovative staging. With its timely themes and skilled cast and crew, ‘Fat Ham’ is sure to be a hit with both Shakespeare enthusiasts and those new to his work. For mature audiences only.

The show runs from April 3rd through May 12, 2024. Tickets are on sale now. Don’t miss your chance to experience this groundbreaking production of ‘Fat Ham’ at the Alliance Theatre. Prepare to be blown away by this modern take on a classic tale.

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